Tumi Travel Wallet..what needs to be in there?

Travelers are usually fans of compartments! Everything you pack needs to have its own place, especially if you travel often. You simply pick up all the compartments and throw them in your bags without worrying if you have missed anything. One great way to organize your travel cards is by placing everything in a travel wallet, this way you will never forget an airline card behind. Im a fan of the Tumi Travel Wallet as its the perfect size to fit everything I need with me. I recommend always having the below in your travel wallet:

1. Airline loyalty cards

2. International driving license: always have one as you never know when you will be forced to rent a car to get from A to B

3. Passport

4. Electronic gate card

5. A pen

6. Business cards: you never know who you will sit next to in your next flight and a business card can always come in handy

7. Details of your bank including international telephone numbers to be able to contact them in case you face any issues with your credit cards

8. All other paper documents including airline ticket and hotel reservation

So what are you waiting for? Head to the nearest Tumi store or order one online from http://www.tumi.com.

Happy Travelling…



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