“B” is for “Bunzy” as in my nickname or it can be “B” for “Bee” as in a travelling bee, but either ways you can just call me “B”. I am an expat living in Dubai since 2008 who happens to have a passion for travelling and spas ….

Before any trip I take , I spend hours and days searching for hotels, things to do, what to see or where to eat. The search includes reading soooooooooo many reviews to make sure I make the best out of each trip. That’s why I decided that I want to share my experiences and first hand recommendations with you to spare you hours and hours of research.

This blog is dedicated to people who are planning a vacation,  a weekend getaway or are travelling  for work and have no time to plan. I cut it short and give you the must do’s. I will only post things that I have tried first hand and highly recommend.

I have divided the blog into the following sections:

  • B’s Must go to: are the places I have visited, hotels I have stayed in , things I did and restaurants/cafes/bars/lounges that I LOVED and which you MUST GO TO.
  • B’s Weekend Getaways: are quick and easy to plan getaways that will snap you away from your routine and you’re back to reality before you know it !
  • B’s Favorite Hotels: these are hotels I stayed in and just loved and enjoyed which means I recommend that you try them yourself. These are simply my FAVORITE HOTELS !
  • B would like: these are places or things I came across and WOULD LIKE to try but did not get the chance to do so (I will have to add them to my bucket-list) !
  • B’s travelling tips: these are TRAVELLING TIPS to help you better plan your travels
  • Contact: these are my CONTACT details for you to get in touch with me for any questions, clarification, recommendation and everything else…

I hope you’ll find my blog helpful and my tips useful ! Visit exciting new places and join me for the adventure!

Happy Travelling…

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2 Responses to About

  1. Carol says:

    brilliant hayati, i am so looking forward to each word you post on this blog.

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