5 Cool Cafes To Try in JLT

JLT has recently became home to some of my favorite cafes in Dubai. Although it is not easy to just stumble upon these eateries  but they are definitely worth a visit to this side of town to explore them. Below are five of my favorite cafes:

  1. Urth Cafe by Nabz and G (Basement Floor, J2 Building, Cluster J): my new favorite place in Dubai which just opened this month. This cozy little place has a big fat character, very friendly staff and serves delicious healthy food including vegan and gluten free option. You have to try their vegetarian burger and Salmon with Freikeh. It is open daily from 11am to 9pm.  urth
  2. 1762 Stripped (One Tower, JLT):Great variety of healthy food in a beautiful setting.  Open weekdays from 8am to 6pm. This cafe is now open on weekends as well from 8am to 4pm.1762
  3. Friends’ Avenue Cafe (Ground Level, Fortune Executive Towers, Cluster T): a small cafe with an urban look and feel, great for a quick tasty lunch. Open daily 8am to 10pm. friends-avenue
  4. Marta’s Workshop (Ground Floor, Swiss Tower, Cluster Y): This hidden gem is a boutique atelier only open for lunch which is part of Marta’s Kitchen, a boutique catering company. A true hidden gem as it won the 2015 Restaurant Buzz Awards in the “Hidden Gem” Award. martas-kitchen
  5. Fraiche Cafe and Bistro (Ground Floor, Swiss Tower, Cluster Y): what I really like about this place is its large windows which allow a lot of light in. The “fresh” feel of the place makes it a great spot for for breakfast.  Open daily from 8am to 6pm.fraiche-cafe
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