Still not sure what to do for Eid Holiday?

A very long weekend is coming up and if your lucky enough to take a few extra days off you can extend this upcoming Eid holiday to a 10 day vacation! If you still didn’t book you vacation, here are some ideas on where to go…so get planning and book your trip today , its never too late ! All you need is find the hotel mentioned below on and book it!

How about a staycation?

You don’t want to travel this Holiday and rather chill in the UAE? You can ! The UAE is filled with amazing destinations within its emirates and just a couple of days in any of the below hotels will go a long way.

  • Ras Al Khaimah : one of my favorite of the 7 emirates with beautiful blue beaches. Some of my favorite hotels are
    • Banyan Tree Al wadi
    • Banyan Tree RAK beach 
    • Waldorf Astoria
  • Abu Dhabi: if you go a bit out of the center of Abu Dhabi you will be surprised to find these two properties
    • Anantara Qasr Al Sarab
    • Zaya Nurai Island Resort 
  • Sir Bani Yas: this is by far UAE’s best kept secret! The island is a natural island located 170 km (110 mi) southwest of Abu Dhabi , making it the largest natural island in the United Arab Emirates. Located just off the shore of the Western region of Abu Dhabi, Sir Bani Yas island was originally home to Arabia’s largest wildlife reserve which was established in 1977 by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Moreover, it is now home to thousands of large free-roaming animals and several million trees and plants. A bird sanctuary as well as a wildlife reserve, Sir Bani Yas showcases nature through activities such as adventure safaris, kayaking, mountain biking, archery, hiking and snorkeling.
    • Anantara Al Yamm Villa Resort
    • Anantara Al Sahel Villas
  • Saadiyat Island: just 45 minutes away from Dubai, this Island is home to two great resort!
    • St.Regis Hotel 
    • Park Hyatt

All of the above are great options but why not make use of the strategic location of the UAE and explore the countries around by hoping on a direct flight to one of these countries?

  • Visit the GCC: hope on a one hour flight to one of the these GCC countries
    • Qatar
      • Banana Island resort by Anantara 
    • Oman 
      • Six Senses Zighi Bay 
  • Visit the Middle East: the countries around the GCC are beautiful to visit and are filled with history, natural beauty and welcoming people
    • Jordan: this country is 3 hours away and is packed with world heritage sites all around the country. These are just some of the wonders Jordan is famous for and are worth a visit !
      • Deadsea: floating in the world’s saltiest sea in the lowest point on earth
      • Petra : visit the ruin of Petra
      • Jerash: visit the Roman ruins of Jerash
      • Wadi Rum : spend a night camping in the gorgeous dunes of Wadi Rum
    • Lebanon: probably the most diverse holiday destination in the Middle east with beautiful beaches, lush mountains, amazing food, the most happening night life and loads of historical sites!
      • Beirut
      • Bekaa Valley
      • Mount Lebanon
      • Baalbak
      • Byblos
      • Tyre
      • Tripoli
    • Egypt: although its not the best time to visit Cairo these days but you can just use the capital as a stop to get to one on these great destinations in Egypt
      • El Guna : seaside resort area
      • Sharm El Sheikh : seaside resort area
      • Nile Cruise: one of the most amazing experiences you can ever engage in and my favorite cruise is ” Nour El Nil” cruise
  • Travel beyond the Middle East: there are some of the most amazing destinations just a flight away from the UAE. Some of my favorite are
    • Seychelles : just 4 hours away, this is paradise on earth! Some of the hotels I recommend
      • Four Seasons
      • Kempinski
      • Banyan Tree
      • Raffles Pralin Island
    • Bali: my favorite island to visit because it has everything you might want to do on a vacation ! Beaches, forests, rice fields, dining, nightlife, shopping, you name it ! check out all the detail using this link
    • Sri Lanka: only 3 hours and your in the heart of Sri Lanka. Check out the full detail using this link
    • Singapore: a 7 hours direct flight and your on an Island with plenty of activities including a visit to Universal Studios in Sentosa Island and if you decide to go here then make sure to stay at Marina Bay Sands Hotel!

Happy Eid Everybody and I wish you a great holiday!


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