World’s Best New Hotels

I am always on the lookout for new hotels and I rcenetly came across a list of the world’s best new hotels. So here you go…

  1. Ham Yard London (Website)
  2. Artist Residence London (Website)
  3. Sixty Soho New York (Website)
  4. The Ludlow New York (Website)
  5. Namiri Plains Tanzania (Website)
  6. Faru Faru Lodge Tanzania (Website)
  7. The Miami Beach Edition (Website)
  8. G-Rough Roma (Website)
  9. Valverde Hotel Lisbon (Website)
  10. Cape Weligama (Website)
  11. The Serras Hotel Barcelona (Website)
  12. Portrait Firenze Florence (Website)
  13. Regent Porto Montenegro (Website)
  14. The Pig Hotel Somerset UK  (Website)
  15. The Haxton London (Website)
  16. Mandarin Oriental Bodrum (Website)
  17. Keemala Phuket (Website)
  18. Mandapa Ritz Carlton Reserve Ubub, Bali (Website)
  19. Trilanka Sri Lanka (Website)
  20. Mandarin Oriental Marrakech (Website)
  21. Riad De Tarabel Marrakech (Website)
  22. Phum Baitang Cambodia (Website)
  23. Soho Farmhouse Oxfordshire (Website)
  24. Grand Ferdinand Austria (Website)
  25. Panacea Retreat Koh Samui (Website)
  26. 11 Howard New York (Website)
  27. The Chequit New York (Website)
  28. Angama Mara Kenya (Website)
  29. Fort Bazaar Galle Sri Lanka (Website)
  30. The House Hotel Cappadocia (Website)

Full List on Conde Nast Traveller Website (2015 and 2016 List)

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